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Proud Supporter of the 6th annual seminar organized by Albert Wai-Kit Chan Intellectual Property Limited:

Innovations in a Changing Intellectual Property World
August 1-2, 2014

With businesses becoming increasingly aware of its value, or rather, the folly of not having protection for it, there is no doubt that Intellectual Property (IP) has grown in prominence lately. The IP landscape is constantly shifting and evolving, with many factors simultaneously bringing about changes. For instance, these past few years have seen increase in patent litigation; every court ruling greatly impacting patent rights causing many to reconsider their IP strategies. Another factor that has been recently coming into effect are the IP laws and policies, many emerging countries like China and India have been developing all these years. Influences are not limited to only outside factors; innovations have been changing the course of business for years. Be it biotechnology, electronics, or medical, the right manipulation of your innovation can shake up any industry. Understanding the latest trends and changes in innovations and IP policies, as well as transaction and capitalization of IP is crucial to maximizing your business strategy. Learning to identify and adapt to the changes that will affect your bottom line with ensure your company’s success. IP experts from various countries will join our seminar to discuss the current IP environment and share their stories and suggestions.

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